Today in the city Palm Coast 28.06.2017
Putin Doesn't Describe His Economic Plan For Russia - Possibly Because He Doesn't Really Have One

Thus the lack of a clear economic plan for Russia from Putin. Even if he knows what must be done that's not consistent with his being there to do it. He didn't detail the plan because there isn't one,...

Dive With a Cousteau in a Private Submarine

Philippe-Pierre Cousteau Jr., the grandson of Jacques Cousteau, explores a sunken ship and artificial reef in the Bahamas. Join him in 360 degrees aboard a submersible craft.

Ex-State Legislator Sues to Recover Cost-Of-Living Increases

A former state lawmaker has filed a lawsuit in Cook County seeking to recover money he lost when legislators voted to reject annual cost-of-living pay increases.

Minimum wage violations cost American workers $15 billion a year

Employers who refuse to pay overtime or misclassify workers as exempt from minimum wage rules underpay workers by an estimated $15 billion a year, according to a study conducted by the Economic Policy...

Paul Allen Built the World’s Largest Plane to Fling Satellites Into Space

The twin-hulled behemoth has a wingspan three times that of a Boeing 737, and should make space launches cheaper and more flexible. The post Paul Allen Built the World's Largest Plane to Fling Satelli...

Six Ways To Make Registration And Checkout At Your Next Fundraising Event Memorable

No matter how wonderful your event, if registration or checkout is a hassle, it's what your supporters will remember.

Stranger Buys Plane Ticket For Army Soldier Struggling To Get Home For Memorial Day

A simple gesture turned into a defining moment for Josh Rainey from Glendale, Missouri. The good Samaritan spotted a young soldier waiting to fly standby at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport ahe...

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